A Change Will Do You Good

Thank you Sheryl Crow, for the title of this blog post.

It seems like things have been changing more so than ever in all areas of life for most of us lately. We have to adjust to a new landscape in the country, with finances, in our jobs and in our relationships. The prophetic Maya Angelou’s quote, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t, change your attitude,” are my favorite new words to live by these days.

Speaking of changing, I love my girlfriends, but I do see them actually believing time and again that their complaints (or nagging) will make a difference with their partners. I like the challenge of adopting the new attitude, “What can I change about my own perception?”  It is pretty empowering to take a situation that is frustrating and think — OK I can change the way I look at this, and choose not to get annoyed, or give it power over me. The preferred choice is obvious.

I am talking about relationships, here, mainly. Is your loved one not exactly handling a situation the way you think they should? Instead of telling them how they should deal with it or engaging in a negative exchange, how about just changing your typical response — and letting go. How about conserving your energy for more positive things in life?

We cannot change others’ actions or behaviors — but we do have complete control over ourselves, and how we think. That in itself is inspiring to me. The trick is to be aware of this — and avoid knee-jerk reactions or falling back into typical patterns with others. This change could do us all good. Good luck!

Tell me – have you consciously been able to affect your relationship in a positive way by changing your reactions or perceptions about things?


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