6 Sweet Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Our own blogger extraordinaire Lindsay Tigar has put together a thoughtful piece about celebrating our moms… in the most creative of ways. I know I can always use some new ideas. So please enjoy, and don’t forget to wish all the moms you know much love.

Written by Lindsay Tigar

When you were in middle school and someone checked ‘no’ when you wished they would have checked ‘yes’ – it was your mom who picked you up, took you out for ice cream and reminded you that one day, your heart wouldn’t hurt so much. And in college, when the guy who you thought was The One, turned out to be a dud, she promised that one day, dating wouldn’t be so difficult and that you would meet a match to spend your life with. Not only do our mothers make sure we are well fed and healthy, but they protect and empower our hearts.

If your mother is the one who never, ever let you give up on love – even when you wanted to – give her one of these inspiring, encouraging gifts to thank her in a sentimental way:

If She’ll Talk You Through Anything, Though You’re Miles Awaybracelet

Your mom told you to chase your dreams – and you did, unfortunately, miles and maybe even oceans away from her. Even if you can’t see her as often as you both would like, you can have a piece of her ever-giving heart, wherever you are. With this customizable necklace, you can engrave whatever you want and give half to her. That way, you’re connected, no matter what.

Accent 3D, $80

If She’s Helped Your Heart to Sprout

succulentsEspecially after a relationship ends, you might want to do anything but put yourself back out there, toss your hat into the ring and try again. If your mom has a green thumb and loves to garden, not only in your backyard but when it comes to planting seeds of hope in your heart, then gift her this sweet mini succulent with a not-so-subtle message.

Natural Life, $12

If She Eases All Your Stress

Having a no good, very bad, terrible day? We’ve all been there – and if we’re lucky, our mothers are there to remind us that there is always a silver lining. Even the sound of her voice can ease your every anxiety, worry and fear. Return the favor to her with an at-home massage, never requiring her to leave the comfort of the homestand to get a professional service.

Soothe, starting at $99

If She Loves to Take a Trip Down Memory Laneasus

Thanks to your mom who never let you give up on any of the things you wanted the most, you’re now happily in love. If your mom likes to remind you of all those times when you thought nothing would ever work out (thanks ma), let her broadcast those memories at your next family get together with this super-cool and portable projector.

Asus, $269

If She Loves Photos More Than Anything

Her best argument when you decided ‘all the good ones were taken or married already?’ If your grandma and grandpa can find love and make it last, surely you could too. Allow her to store – and share! – all of those memories with the Storyglory app. Not only can she upload old images, but she can explain the stories behind them, perfect for an everlasting keepsake.

Storyglory, starting at $50

If She’s Always Up For An Adventure

What you love about your mom the most? That she reminds you that each and every single day, you only have to put one foot in front of the other, and that anything is possible. Since she is wild at heart – and always up for anything – plan a day hike trip with her on Mother’s Day. Just don’t forget to gift her this goodie backpack for future adventures. If she’s not quite a hiker though? You can go a smaller route and get something made for a picnic, instead like this beauty from Solo for $90.

Mountain Smith, $219



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