5 Good and Bad Date Foods

What makes for good and bad date food?  To some extent, the answer depends on your gender.  In a recent study, men and women listed foods they considered to be good and bad on dates.  Women were more interested in foods that were not messy and easy to eat.  Men, on the other hand, looked for foods that had romantic qualities, and they stayed away from fast foods and anything that made them look cheap.

Environment also mattered.  Good date food came from a place with a fun environment where people could take their time eating, and getting to know one another. Good date foods were more likely to be on the light and healthy side rather than heavy or filling.

Based on this research, here are 5 things to order and 5 to avoid on your next date:



Sushi Mexican
 Alcohol Garlic
 Dessert Wings
 Fruit French fries
 Sandwiches Sloppy Joes


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