11 Signs that Your Partner May Be the 1 4 U

Today is 1-11-11, and since the day is all about ones, we thought it would be the perfect time to share the top 11 signs that your partner may be the “one” for you.

While there isn’t a foolproof litmus test, Grant and Jeannie from eHarmony Advice, our resident dating experts, say that you can be fairly confident in your relationship if you notice these eleven signs that are characteristic of a really special connection between two people.

1.    Who you are is good enough – no changing required!

2.    You manage conflict together in a mature fashion.

3.    You know how to fight fair – you admit when you’re wrong, listen to each other and apologize when you cross the line.

4.    Sign of a healthy relationship: there’s very little or no drama!

5.    You know how to make them happy.

6.    If your life priorities match up well, you have a much better chance of long-term happiness.

7.    Mutual respect is crucial for a healthy relationship.

8.    You truly enjoy each other’s company.

9.    You bring out the best in each other.

10.  There are no off-limit topics with your main squeeze.

11.  Your friends and family adore and accept your partner.

For more, visit eHarmony Advice. Happy 1-11-11!

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