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Tanyalee and Joshua

Married: July 7, 2007 | Location: California

Occupations: Joshua is a Chemist/Artist, and Tanyalee is a Clothing Boutique owner

They Knew There was Something Special

Meet Joshua and Tanyalee, just one of 438 people who get married every day after meeting on

The eHarmony experience doesn't happen this way for most of our couples, but for Joshua and Tanyalee, it was love at first sight.

First they saw each other's eHarmony profiles, and they knew that there was something special. They spent hours and hours talking on the phone, which soon led to a planned meeting. Joshua flew to Tanyalee, and as she drove to the airport, she felt completely nervous about meeting this man who had stirred her heart in such a unique way.

You have to take your time. You have to be honest in the questionnaire." - Tanyalee

Airport Nerves

Everyone on the airplane knew that Joshua was going to meet the girl of his dreams—the girl he had never seen in person. When they came off the airplane, Joshua was shaking as he walked through security. And then, there she was. As Tanyalee told us, they just looked at each other and "snap" there was this instant connection and then they kissed. Passengers who were on the plane with Joshua started clapping and taking pictures.

From that moment on, Joshua and Tanyalee have been together.

eHarmony couple Tanyalee and Joshua on their wedding day

A Couple that Works Together

Joshua is working on his advanced degree in chemistry. Tanyalee is a clothing and wardrobe stylist and she recently opened her own clothing store. Joshua and Tanyalee built out the store together, sharing in all of the hard work and relishing the fruits of their labors. Today, Tanyalee's boutique is fresh, young and sleek.

The Value of eHarmony for Busy People

As Tanyalee explains it, she was so busy with her career that she just didn't have time for dating. That's why she "let somebody else do it." After filling out her eHarmony questionnaire, she began receiving compatible matches in her email in-box. And when she received Joshua, she knew that this match was special.

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