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Farren and Travis

Married: March 8, 2008 | Location: Idaho

Occupations: Farren is a Tourism Director, and Travis is a Home Buyer Educator

Different Roots, Compatible Matches

Travis says it best himself. He felt compelled to write into eHarmony to tell us how he feels to have found the love of his life. "Who knew eHarmony could connect a young African-American male in Atlanta, Georgia to his future wife, a young Native American woman, on the other side of the country in a small town in Idaho. It still seems so surreal, and each day we look at each other in awe…"

Be as open as you can about geography."
- Travis

The Geography Factor

When you sign up for eHarmony, you get to choose how far you will go for a match. Some eHarmony members only want matches who live in their own hometown. Others, like Josh and Tanyalee, another one of our TV couples, chose to widen their match possibilities to include the entire world! It's all about your personal comfort level. And the great thing is that you can change your geographical settings at any time.

According to Travis, "At first I did a local search for matches, and then—I stretched the horizons to nationwide and that's when Farren came into my life."

After much communication and a long distance relationship, Travis ended up making the move from his home in Atlanta, to what would become their home, in Idaho. The lesson? You never know who's waiting for you out there—or where they may be!

eHarmony couple Farren and Travis matched for compatibility
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Sometimes, You Just Know

So many eHarmony members have said it. When they found their special match, something just jumped out at them. That's how it happened for Travis.

He says, "Farren put something in her profile about how she can hang out in a retirement home all day long and just talk to people, and that showed me she had compassion for people that are usually overlooked by society. That's what I'm looking for—that compassion."

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