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Anne Marie and Lee

Married: May 3, 2008 | Location: Pennsylvania

Occupations: Anne Marie is an Office Manager, and Lee is in Medical Sales

Finding Love in Philadelphia

When you first meet them, Anne Marie and Lee seem like the perfect couple. And then after you get to know them, they seem made for each other. At eHarmony, we pride ourselves on matching singles based on their compatibility. And we have to say, with Anne Marie and Lee we did it just right.

Both of them were on eHarmony a little while before they met each other. And like so many eHarmony success stories, when they finally met each other they just knew that "this time was different."

Joining eHarmony wasn't necessarily to get a date, it was to meet the right person." - Lee

The First Date

"We met at a restaurant," Anne Marie told us. "And Lee was such a gentleman. And he was so cute!!!" When Anne Marie laughs, you can see why Lee was so crazy about her. "We had talked on the phone, and I told Lee that I loved to dance, and that I had danced ballet," Anne Marie explained. "And then when he showed up at the restaurant, he had these chocolate ballet slippers just for me!"

Sharing Their Heritage

Anne Marie and Lee share their Italian heritage. "I'm learning to make a tomato sauce just like his mother's," said Anne Marie. "My Mom actually came over to our place and gave Anne Marie a cooking lesson," adds Lee.

eHarmony couple Anne Marie and Lee on a date
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Compatible and Individual

Anne Marie and Lee have unique personality traits that make them compatible. But that doesn't mean they are mirror images of each other. "Lee can be really be a type-A personality," explains Anne Marie. "And Anne Marie is more laid back," says Lee. "She calms me down and I really appreciate that."

Sometimes, finding the love of your life means finding that person who's not exactly like you, but whose differences compliment yours. In the case of Anne Marie and Lee, it all worked out perfectly.

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