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Terry and Michael
When people ask Mike and I how we met, we just smile and say eHarmony... Your best advertisement is from couples like us! We have thought about starting an eHarmony group locally! Thanks for having such a fantastic site!!! We love it and it works!!!!
  • From: Hamburg, NY
  • |
  • Married: July 3rd, 2007

Brooke and Greg
On May 3, 2008 at the wishing well at Disneyland, Greg got down on one knee and asked the question. I of course said YES!!!!!!! We are excited and can't wait to be married on August 8, 2009. Our families get along great together and we picture a very happy marriage. It has truly been a fairytale.
  • From: San Marino, CA
  • |
  • Engaged: May 3rd, 2008

Scott and Martina
A heartfelt thank you goes out the eHarmony for bringing my amazing, wonderful, caring, loving, beautiful, thoughtful, compassionate (I could go on and on) wife, best friend and soul mate into my life!
  • From: Horsham, PA
  • |
  • Married: January 7th, 2009

Jen and Raymond
I tell anyone that asks, try it. You get to know them, before the pressure of meeting them in person. Be honest and the honesty will come through. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I now have someone to spend the rest of my life with.
  • From: Omaha, NE
  • |
  • Married: March 20th, 2009

Bryan and Erin
There is certainly a very strong chance that we never would have met if it weren’t for eHarmony, so we offer our sincerest and most heartfelt thanks for the services your site provided ourselves and countless more happy couples. Thanks so much!!!!!
  • From: Chicago, IL
  • |
  • Matched: December 19th, 2006

Lorraine and Douglas
My girlfriend had success with eHarmony, and she convinced me to join. I resisted for a few months, then thought I had nothing to lose since I was not having luck meeting anyone on my own. Then I met Doug through your process. He is truly my soul mate. We are so unbelievably compatible. I love his sense of humor, his loyalty, his kindness, his generosity. I just want to thank you for providing an avenue to meet someone so incredible.
  • From: Boyton Beach, FL
  • |
  • Matched: October 4th, 2004

Moya and Gene
Gene and I had led very parallel lives, both divorced with children and our share of dating nightmares. We both had had enough of internet dating and were weary of trying again. When we first started communicating through eHarmony we had so much in common we were friends instantly.
  • From: Trumbull, CT
  • |
  • Married: July 28th, 2005

Kerri and Jamie
He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love him more than I ever thought I could ever love anyone. I can't thank eHarmony enough for their service and introducing me to the man of my dreams. Thank you!
  • From: Thomasville, NC
  • |
  • Married: October 4th, 2008

Nicole and Gary
I remember, by the third date, Gary was "the one". We got engaged in April of 2008 and then married on November 14th! We couldn't be happier...we both have wonderful families that have supported us every step of the way.
  • From: Stillwater, MN
  • |
  • Married: November 14th, 2008

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