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Wendy and Steven

Location: Lakewood, WI
Married: August 9th, 2008

Steve's profile intrigued and attracted me--I knew he had a heart for people, was very tall, six foot six, and had a fascinating hands-on kind of work that I admired: running a resort and doing carpentry projects. How little I really knew of the real man behind the screen, of his immense kindness and faithfulness, that soon I would feel cherished from our meeting for the rest of our lives. The first time I heard Steve's voice it was wonderful. It was a young voice, gentle, mellow, youthful and very much a man's voice. I was so nervous, just answering the phone.

Next came our face to face meeting. He held contact with my eyes and stood to greet me. Steve and I enjoyed the first date, though I was nervous. When we were ready to head home, and stood outside to depart, he told me he'd like to see me again. "You seem like a nice fellow," I responded. Sure." I won't forget that in spite of the awkwardness of such a new beginning, the joy Steve seemed to have as he told me that this made him really happy. Little did I know, even that summer or fall, or winter, how deep our relationship would become as it blossomed into something rich, deep, and beautiful.

We were married August 9, and moved to the north woods of Wisconsin, about 70 miles northwest of Green Bay. It is wonderful to be married, and to such a wonderful man.

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