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Melinda and Brent

Location: Hopedale, OH
Married: June 16th, 2007

We found out we were both Science Teachers and lived in nearby towns. After our first date, Brent had a family vacation planned to Portland, Oregon. He told me this when we said good night. I phoned my "date coach", my best friend Lisa, and gave her the story. We laughed thinking if he wanted to get rid of me, he could have picked a closer city - we girls have heard worse lines. To my surprise, he really did go to Oregon and he called each day of the trip to let me know he was very interested in seeing me again. The rest is history! Our dates became multi-day dates, and lasted forever. Our friends were so happy for us. My mother-in-law is ecstatic with the fact that her son "couldn't have picked a better girl." We are perfect for each other. We were engaged on Dec. 15, 2006 after a romantic dinner. My co-worker wished me luck that day by saying, "Mindy, I hope the dinner is great, have a happy birthday and I hope the ring fits!" I had no clue that Brent was going to propose that evening. It was magical! We are totally meant for each other and proudly tell others how we met and they are thrilled for our success. Thanks again for offering this great service. May many more couples find the happiness that Brent and I have now. It is wonderful! PS - My date coach also met her boyfriend at eHarmony. They are very much in love and I think I hear wedding bells as well!

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