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Shane and Sarah

Location: Chester, MD
Married: May 9th, 2010

Sarah and I met while I was deployed to Iraq 2008-2009. We wrote back and forth through eHarmony for a while and then moved to talking on the phone to chatting on IM. Finally, I came home on my two week R&R. Sarah was just as beautiful as I had imagined. We hit it off automatically and were attracted to each other mentally and physically. It even helped that we had already fallen in love with each other over the previous few months. The intentions of proposing started on March 5, 2009. I went to Jared's to buy the ring. Yes ladies, I bought it from Jared's!!! I knew what Sarah wanted so I went to buy it that day with the intentions of waiting until October when I came back from deployment to propose. Well, after I bought it, I looked at it all the way home from the store. I left it in my jacket pocket and put it in the guest bedroom, where all the rest of my clothes and baggage were.

We went to go eat at Ruby Tuesday's that evening and Sarah wanted to wear my jacket. I totally forgot that the ring was in there when I gave it to her. So, she made the comment that there were things in the pockets and to get them out. So, I remembered at that moment that I had the ring in there. As we got into the car to leave, I took the ring and my wallet out of the jacket pockets and tried my hardest to play it off. Sarah then made the statement that she knew that was her ring. Oh boy, did I have a time trying to play it off. I even removed the ring box from the main box and slipped in under the seat while she was on her cell phone, hoping this would work. I kept on telling her that I would not be that stupid to leave her ring in my jacket and give it to her. She insisted on seeing what was in the box, so I gave it to her. When she opened it, she found that there was nothing in it. Whew, I got away with it!

While at Ruby Tuesday's we sat across from each other and just talked. Well, I had been praying all day for the good Lord to give me a sign and well, I suppose He gave it to me! I acted like my cell phone rang; it was in my pocket on vibrate. I played it off by pretending it was a call from the Post Office, (I was expecting a package). So, I ran out to the car to get the tracking # hint hint, and picked up the ring. When I got back in to the restaurant, I sat back down for a few minutes and then got back up and went to the salad bar. I quickly asked the hostess if it was ok that I made an announcement. She said yes, and then I proceeded. I got the attention of everyone in the restaurant and introduced myself and that I was home on R&R from Iraq. I introduced Sarah and mentioned that I wanted them to all be my witnesses as I propose. I then moved toward Sarah, who was still sitting down and had this look of disbelief on her face, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me.

After she said yes, people started coming by and congratulating us and wanted to look at the ring. This nice lady came by and mentioned that her husband was in the military and that we reminded her of them! Sarah just seemed so astonished like she was in a fairy tale! All in all, I pulled it off with success!!

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