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Jonathan and Christy

Location: Dallas, TX
Married: July 1st, 2006

My wife and I met through in the fall of 2004. She is the love of my life, my support, my cheerleader and biggest fan. We finish each other’s sentences, always seem to know what the other is thinking and even laugh at and make the same goofy, corny jokes. Our chemistry is amazing, and we get compliments all the time. Of course, the real funny thing is, we never expected to meet anyone at all. I took the personality profile and was very impressed with the level of depth it contained, as well as the time it took to finish: more than an hour. I carefully read the results, and then sat back and waited for nothing to happen. I expected to receive three or four matches, maybe, over the course of a few weeks. After I received several matches within 48 hours of joining, I was skeptical, even a little wary. Nevertheless, eventually, curiosity got the best of me. After I joined, the matches kept coming, and before I knew it, I began to feel a little overwhelmed. After about a month, I was communicating with a handful of young women, and was enjoying the attention. Little did I know that for more than three weeks, my future wife had been agonizing over whether or not to join eHarmony.  

A few weeks earlier, at almost the same time I was joining, she was filling out the extensive questionnaire for the personality profile. Very quickly, we were matched up, and I, as I often did, sent her my request to start communication. Of course, I did not hear from her, because she was not a member, so I assumed the answer was “no” and kept meeting new people. For weeks, she stared at my name on her computer screen. She read my introductory blurb over and over again. She could not stop thinking about “Jonathan from Garland, TX” and finally decided to take a chance on that intriguing guy from eHarmony.  

She joined just to talk to me, even though she knew almost nothing about me, and had never seen my picture. When she and I started communicating, I forgot about everyone else, even though I had yet to see her picture. We responded to each other’s questions as soon as the system would allow. We answered back through Open Communication as quickly as we could. When I did see her picture, I thought she looked amazing, and ten minutes into our first date, I nervously confessed that she was more beautiful than I had thought. We began to communicate through Instant Messenger, and typed for hours. Our first phone call lasted hours, as did many more afterward.  

Our first date, we shut down the restaurant. For a little over a month we spent every available afternoon and evening together, shopping, talking, laughing, and enjoying the growing attraction we both had for each other. Near the end of that month we found ourselves in a long, lingering embrace.  

When one of my best friends, later my Best Man, himself recently engaged, first met her, his response was, “Please don’t get married before I do.” Well, we were married three weeks before he was, on July 1st of this year. Our families couldn’t be happier. People tell us all the time how perfectly matched we are, and we always tell them to try eHarmony. One of our bridesmaids and several other friends are all members now!

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