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Jamie and Chris

Location: San Antonio, TX
Engaged: December 30th, 2008

Chris and I first met on eHarmony in 2007. We communicated up until the open-ended questions, and then I didn't hear from him after that so I "closed" him.

Not long after that, I decided to cancel my membership for about 5 or 6 months.  When I rejoined in the fall of 2007, I saw that he requested that I "re-open" him.  So I did. We communicated through each stage and then met within a week or so.  Our first date on January 26 lasted from lunch until around midnight. 

(I later found out that the reason I didn't hear back from him at first is that his membership had expired and he just didn't renew...until around the same time I did. What a coincidence!)

After our first date, we ended up meeting for a date at the rodeo that very next week. I had the chance to meet some of his great friends!  Then the following weekend he came down to San Antonio, where I live, and we went on yet another date.  For some reason, I wasn't sure I liked him enough to keep dating him at that point.  I couldn't figure it out.  But instead of calling off our next date, I decided to go see him in New Braunfels and as soon as I rang his doorbell he opened it and surprised me with a few beautiful Gerber daisies.  The rest is history! We had a fantastic weekend and have spent almost every weekend together since then.

Now...onto the proposal.

Last year, on Christmas Eve, Chris and I planned on opening our gifts to each other at his house.  Well, he told me he had to meet up with a customer and asked if it was okay if we opened presents when he returned. I said okay and I waited for him. It turns out he had snuck over to my parents house to ask for my hand in marriage.  When he returned I started to open the gifts he gave me and one of them was in a large box. Inside were several sheets of paper, in sequence, stating that he was taking me to Aspen, Colorado for New Year's! I couldn't believe it! I was so excited!  We were leaving in a few days!

We spent Christmas with his family and then left a few days later for Aspen. Right next to our hotel was this beautiful gazebo lit up with Christmas lights. We went by it the first day we got there and then went skiing.  The next day, December 30th, we went skiing, met up with a friend of his who lives there, and went by the gazebo once again.  This time, he got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife!  It was so romantic and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful location!


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