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Monica and Michael

Location: Salida, CA
Engaged: December 1st, 2008

eHarmony first matched Michael and I in November of 2007 and here we are growing strong. 

I feel that there are other women like me out there, with perhaps the thought of never finding someone, the possibility of being alone for whatever reason.  In my specific case, my non-ideal body weight was an obstacle for me.  Who would want me as I was?  Deep down, I knew that I had a lot to offer somebody, but my fear had a hold of me.

My best friend pushed me to join eHarmony, she stated it is different...and it was!  Michael loves me for me, and not what I look like.  He saw past all other things and has made me one of the happiest women alive.  My initial attraction to Michael wasn't even his pictures (thought he was cute), but that he made me laugh.  Prior to even speaking on the phone, he made me laugh through our open communications, and that was what got me. 


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