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Teresa and Michael

Location: Menomonie, WI
Married: July 15th, 2006

Mike was one of my first matches, but was communicating with someone else (and I was too for that matter). We finally started the question/answer process. Both of us were uncomfortable communicating with more than one person at a time, so we both were looking for reasons to eliminate the other from our match list. As the communications moved forward, we found more and more in common, and the intensity of like or dislike for things were matching as well. It's one thing to have something in common, but another to have similar intensity toward those things.

We spent a month writing to each other and finally speaking on the phone, before we met. Our first date was dinner and a movie, although, I don't think either one of us can remember much of the movie because we were so busy getting comfortable with each other. Our conversations just flowed and there was no way anyone could get the smile off my face! Unbeknownst to Mike, my overprotective brother sat a couple tables away from us at dinner, to "spy" on us, and of course, to make sure this guy was OK.

We proceeded to date and to get more and more serious about our feelings. At the appropriate time, we introduced each other to our kids, and then finally, introduced the kids to one another. We have really been inseparable since our first date, and are growing more and more in love as the time goes on. Our kids all get along fantastically and are growing to love one another as well! They tell us all the time, how much we are alike and are "bummed" they can't get away with anything because their parents feel the same way about things!

We are a great family of 8 and are settling into a routine with the challenges of blended families. We had a storybook wedding here at the farm Mike grew up in. I looked just like a princess and I certainly found my prince charming! The kids were the wedding party (for the most part), and we had guests here in Wisconsin, from all over (Canada, Virginia, Nebraska, Minnesota, and all over the state of Wisconsin)! We are very blessed with the love and support of so many, and are ever grateful to eHarmony for the personality match system! We have both known others matched by their choice on other singles sites, and most have not lasted. Thank You for what you do for people!

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