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Singles with Children

Chris and Jessica

Location: Citrus Heights, CA
Engaged: August 17th, 2006

The story of us.

Chris had joined eHarmony a few weeks prior to me, Jessica, joining. We both had decided to join eHarmony after seeing a television commercial. Thinking that it was worth a shot, we signed up while both remained very skeptical that this would be the way to find “true love”. Little did we know that in the following few weeks eHarmony would change the rest of our lives.  We both started out following eHarmony’s recommendation for an age range. Despite the recommendation we both felt the need to change the age range by just 1 year. That decision proved to be the one decision that made all the difference in the world.

The connection that we both immediately felt was as if we had known each other our entire lives. Communication between us began almost immediately. After both answering question after question it turned into both knowing what the answers were going to be and because we knew what the other one was thinking. First, we began sharing emails and then phone numbers. It was still a big decision on both of our parts because both of us had previously divorced. And, having 5 children between the two of us, we were both more than a little guarded at first. As it turned out, we had been living only 6 miles away from each other. We further discovered that we had even been in the same room together on more then one occasion in the past and had no idea that the other one existed until now. We would talk for hours about anything and everything and, as a result, we then decided to meet.

It was time- the dreaded first date. It wasn’t easy at first. Being that we both have younger children who have different schedules was the first hurdle. Then, having different schedules ourselves, we came next. Finding the right time or place to meet seemed, at first, to be almost impossible. But we were both determined and wanted to see this through. Finally, we met. Let’s just say that it was undoubtedly the most comfortable first date that either of us had ever been on. The conversation flowed and time raced by so fast that it seemed so unfair to have to end the first meeting so soon. Neither one of us wanted to leave.

Since that first date, our friendship has grown so close and so much. Our love for one another has taken on a new dimension and has grown so naturally. We feel complete when we’re together. In spite of our work schedules and our dedication to our children’s schedules, somehow our lives have meshed without too much complication. We seem to complete each other in a way that words cannot easily describe and we both look forward to spending the best of our lives together.

Never having experienced something like this before, it’s too easy to think it can’t happen. Having life disappoint you on too many occasions can make you very skeptical. But, there is a power within that keeps telling you there is a way. Keep looking until you find it. We found it. It is called eHarmony. We thank destiny for lending a hand in helping us to find each other and eHarmony for making it all possible. Without eHarmony two more lives may have never found the meaning of true happiness. eHarmony allowed us to meet, to truly get to know each other in the blink of an eye, to recapture our dreams, to find almost instantaneously completeness, and to turn hope into fulfillment. With eHarmony we are both able to say, “You had me at Hello”!

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