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Tamara and Jason

Location: Bremerton, WA
Married: November 1st, 2007

I had been actually on another site and the person that I was talking with at the time told me that he didn't want to deal with a woman that has four children and disease like Multiple Sclerosis (which could leave a person disabled). I instantly thought to myself, if I want to meet a man of any quality then I would have to put a better effort into my search. So, I joined eHarmony that weekend.

Jason was in my first eight matches. We met that weekend and were married a year later. He didn’t care that I had four children, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and going to college full time. I didn’t care that I had to move to the other side of Washington and that once we combined our families there would be eight of us. We simply remodeled the house added a new bedroom with a full bath and purchased a deep freezer.

As you can see from the wedding photo we come from different backgrounds.  Our relationship is a learning experience. Jason never thought he would get married again and after being diagnosed with MS I didn’t think that anyone would care for me. I believe that there is always enough love to go around and I think that being on eHarmony helps you find that love. Sometimes the love of your life doesn’t live in your part of town, nor does he shop at the grocery store nearest you. Sometimes love is a shy and single guy who needs a nudge. He needs someone to make that introduction for him. After that he can take it from there, all he needed was a little help. Thanks eHarmony.

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