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Michael and Rachel

Location: Freedom, PA
Married: May 31st, 2008

I had been divorced since 2004, and had pretty much given up hope of finding happiness. I had seen several eHarmony commercials, and always wanted to try it, but never did until November 2007. I purchased a one month membership, and within a couple of weeks, I met Rachel. I fell hard for her right away. We lived about 60 miles away from each other, and I wasn't sure how that distance would affect our courtship, but I didn't care. I wasn't going to let anything keep me from her!

We went on our first date on December 5, 2007, and never looked back. I could never have found Rachel without this service, and I believe in it 100%!. Rachel and I were both single parents, and we both had so many other things in common.....attitudes, beliefs, goals. We have a lot of differences as well, but those differences draw us even closer together. We were married on May 31. My 12 year old daughter Jessica was the flower girl, and my son Jonas (6) and Rachel's son Isaac (9) were both ring bearers. We are so blessed! Our children love each other, and love us both very much. Rachel is fantastic to them; I couldn't ask for a better woman to be there for my kids. And I love Isaac like a son. We are truly, truly blessed, very happy, and very thankful to eHarmony for enabling us to get together. I have no idea how we would have met otherwise.

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