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Singles with Children

Shirley and Jack

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Married: August 30th, 2008

Jack and I met at Starbucks for the first time after we successfully communicated through eHarmony and the telephone. I really love talking to him as he has a deep, baritone voice. Jack brought me a dozen yellow roses and we continued our conversations over coffee for a while as we got to know each other further. We made a few more dates and my son, Brandon, was very excited when Jack came to pick me up one evening.

After introducing the kids (Jack has a daughter, Jessica and a son, Christopher) and finding out that everyone got along great (like a happy family), Jack called and asked my son and I to come over one night to his house. When I got there, he (Jack) had a few friends over and proceeded to gather everyone into the living room. He then got down on one knee and proposed in front of everyone! I immediately said yes as I've told him before that when I look into his eyes - I can see growing old together (he said he feels the same way)! I'm happy to say the kids are just as thrilled! I knew my son felt a strong bond with him when I told him to say goodnight to Jack one evening and my son actually went over to Jack, put his arms around him and gave him a great big hug! Jack is so wonderful towards my son, as well. We both agree that our kids come first before anyone else! He is a kind, warm-hearted, loving man and gentle soul.

I know in my heart that I have finally found my true soul mate for life. Life is just too short and precious as it is and Jack and I both feel that closeness with each other and we think the kids feel it too! This is my 2nd time with eHarmony and I'm so very glad I took another chance. I know that Jack would say the same thing - THANK YOU eHarmony for helping us find each other!

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