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Summer and Erik

Location: San Diego, CA
Married: January 28th, 2011

I was not using the site very much. I would get e-mails and talked to a few people, but no one sparked any real interest to me. Then one day, I received my first communication from Erik. I looked at his profile and really liked what I read… it was very similar to my own profile. So, I decided to skip all the ice-breakers and questions and send him an e-mail. A few hours later I received an email back and several weeks of communication began.   We lived about an hour and half away from one another, so we waited awhile to meet in person. When we did meet we felt as though we already knew each other pretty well. The weeks of e-mailing, texting and talking on the phone laid the ground work for our first date.

We met at a favorite spot of mine where I knew we could talk, have something to eat and drink and watch a Laker playoff game. He said within hours he knew I was the one he was going to marry; while I knew I wanted to know more about him.

From that day on we were near inseparable. I would travel up to see him several days a week and he would come down to San Diego several days as well. It was rare a day would go by where we didn't see each other. We would get together for dinner, movies, or just spend time together either just the two of us or with my two 11 year old daughters. Our feelings for each other were hard to hide and towards the end of August, Erik invited me to go to Hawaii with him and his family.  

Erik was scheduled to get there a few days before me. When I arrived on August 31, he was waiting for me at the terminal exit and walked me out to where his parents were waiting. We drove to the hotel where Erik told me we had just a few minutes before we had to be downstairs for a dinner reservation he had made. So, we quickly made our way downstairs and, I was surprised to find a table right on the sand set aside for the two of us.  

We ordered a couple of drinks and once they arrived, Erik began to propose. Little did I know his parents were up on a balcony overlooking the table and recording the entire proposal. Once he popped the question, I realized the whole restaurant was in on it. There was applause from all over the restaurant. Needless to say, we then enjoyed our dinner and had the rest of our trip to enjoy our engagement.

We were married on Jan. 28th 2011 in Vista California. Neither one of us planned on meeting our spouse, let alone on the internet. We have eHarmony to thank for bringing us together. Not only did it match us up with someone we were extremely attracted to, it managed to match us in a deeper way than either one of us could have imagined.

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