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Singles with Children

Steve and Kitty

Location: Missoula, MT
Married: May 1st, 2004

 I have enjoyed telling people of my eHarmony success as they are always fascinated. A few weeks ago my wife and I met a couple who said they may not remember our names but they certainly could remember us as the eHarmony couple. Recently, an older couple, who were obviously not internet savvy, referred to us as the EBay couple. Although I did not bid for my wife, I did get a great deal. I tell people that paying for eHarmony was the best $49.95 I have ever spent in my life. Not only did I get an awesome, caring, loving wife and mother, but I also got a hiking, camping and hunting buddy as well. My wife and I have enjoyed many awesome experiences together over the past two years and I thank eHarmony for that. Here is a brief summary of our story.   

One day, I was sitting at my computer and received an internet advertisement for eHarmony. I pessimistically completed your personality survey, thinking my life was way too messed up and way too complicated to attract anybody worthwhile. I was in the middle of a contentious custody battle, I was middle aged with 3 young children and my finances and career was shot. Not much curb appeal in my opinion! Regardless, I decided I would give your site a try. I immediately received 5 matches. Amazingly and thankfully one of those first matches is now my wife (Kitty). Her story is interesting as well.  

My wife is from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She survived breast cancer at an early age and although she had always wanted to have a big family, she was not able to have children as a result of the cancer and treatments. Her and her husband adopted an infant boy (Ian). Several years later, her husband decided to leave. After several difficult years on her own, her and her son moved to a small town in Wyoming after meeting someone becoming engaged to be married. A week after she moved to Wyoming, the fiancée decided to cancel their engagement return to his ex-wife. During this time, Kitty's son had been praying for a brother his own age. He even reasoned, "if you adopted me, why can't you adopt a brother for me." He was obviously too young to understand the complexities of his request.  

Well thanks to eHarmony, things worked out well for everyone, including Ian! Ian now has a brother his own age, and a bonus older sister and younger brother. Kitty has a family of six. I have an incredible committed wife and partner in raising our children. I signed up for your service in January of 2004, wondering if my life would ever be complete and joyful again. Little did I know that I would be happily married on May 1, 2004, rebuilding my life and experiencing a cherished and rewarding family life again. I cannot imagine finding a better mate. My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed the past few years. After three of the most difficult and lonely years of my life, it is hard to believe how quickly I found someone who shares my values, interests and commitment. It is impossible to quantify the value or your service, but it is amazing to me that the money I paid to use your service could change my life in such a positive and dramatic way.  

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