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Amy and Chris

Location: Sarasota, FL
Married: November 25th, 2006

Chris and I met on July 10, 2005. I had previously only signed up for a one-month membership of eHarmony and my membership ended prior to my meeting Chris because I had tried it for a month without success and really had just about given up on online dating at that point. I was disappointed because I had been on for a while without having much success and I think I joined eHarmony thinking I was going to meet my "soul mate" immediately (don't know why I had that thought - but I did). membership lapsed, but I would still receive e-mail notifications when I made a "match" and as you know, I can not communicate with someone without signing up again.

I received my e-mail on July 1, 2005 that I had made a match with Chris. About one week later, after looking at that notification e-mail every day I decided I would invest another $50 for a one month membership to see if there was anything worth pursuing with Chris. On July 8, 2005 I wrote to Chris. On the same day, I received my first communication back from Chris and we corresponded back and forth for a couple of days before we decided to meet on Sunday, July 10th. When we met on the 10th, we met at a local restaurant for a couple of drinks and some dinner - very casual. I immediately got a sense of a "no-nonsense" kind of guy in Chris which is extremely refreshing in today's day and age. I also got a sense that Chris had been through some really tough times lately and needed someone who was grounded and stable in their life, kind of a "no-nonsense" kind of girl.

From that day on, Chris and I have been together without even the slightest side-step. Our compatibility level could not be any higher and in my opinion, we complete each other. On October 30th, Chris asked me to marry him. Actually, it is Chris's now 4 year old son, Tyler, who "let the cat out of the bag" when he told me, and I quote, "Amy, we bought you a ring." While the moment itself was nothing elaborate, I would not trade that moment for anything in the world because it meant everything to me that Tyler was part of the proposal. Fast forward almost 12 months later and here we are, planning our wedding, for Saturday, November 25th of 2006. The ceremony will be simple, on the beach (we live in Florida and recognized that the perfect ceremony location was practically in our own backyard) and we leave the very next day for a week long Eastern Caribbean cruise. We are as excited as any couple can be to face all that life has to offer, as long as we can do it together. Thanks again!

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