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Cheryl and Noel

Location: Acworth, GA
Married: May 30th, 2009

I was a single mother, working a part-time job and going to college.  He was a college student who had a year left before graduating.  He contacted me through eHarmony first and we chatted back and forth getting to know each other right away.  I told him I had a daughter and really wanted someone who was ready to settle down (a young man 21 years old ready to settle down?  Right).  Yet, Noel was ready to settle down and we had a lot in common.  To me he seemed like a man who had his head on straight and had goals in life that were achievable. 

I knew he would be a great father and after our first date, I felt an instant connection with him.  We went to a movie and ate dinner at a restaurant he could eat at.  This is where I learned that he has major food allergies and almost seemed worried I would be scared away by the long list.  Actually, I found that it made him unique and all mine.  The next test was to have him meet my daughter.  My daughter was a little over one year old and very picky about people.  She was a little shy at first, but warmed up to him in no time.  I watched to see how he would interact with her and amazingly... he seemed to fit. 

Over the next year we got to know each other and talked about our futures.  Come February 14th, 2008, we were both sick horribly on Valentine's Day and I was working the closing shift.  He drove an hour in a half to my work dressed in a suit and tie with a rose in hand.  I thought it was just for Valentine's Day, but he blessed me with a proposal right in front of everyone at work!  My managers were even in on it. 

Everything is going great and I have eHarmony to thank for it!  Just a side note, for Valentine's Day this year, 2009, he printed out all of our conversations from eHarmony and compiled them together along with a collage of pictures with my daughter, him, and me in them.  Thank you eHarmony!  I thought I was going to be a single mom forever and my daughter was never going to have the proper father that I wanted her to have.  Noel really uplifted my life and showed me the light at the end of the tunnel. 

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