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Sonya and Colin

Location: Odessa, TX
Married: December 30th, 2008

Colin and I first started communicating in July of 2006.  He lived in Louisiana while finishing college.  I was a single mom of one 6 year old little girl living in West Texas. 

After 3 months of phone calls and emails, we decided to meet.  We met half way between us in Fort Worth.  It was love at first sight.  We have spent the last 2 and 1/2 years spending as much time as we can together.  Most of the time we just have our nightly phone calls, but during summers, Christmas, and spring breaks he comes to Texas with me. 

Colin is also in the Navy Reserves.  He and I had always planned to get married as soon as he graduates this March, but he recently got orders to serve overseas.  We decided to get married as soon as possible before he has to go, so the wedding ended up being a quickie courthouse thing.  We still plan to have a real ceremony after he gets back, but we are still very happy to finally be able to share the same last name.

I have never been happier.  Colin is perfect.  We have a little inside joke every time we agree on something, which is often, we both say "29 points of compatibility wasn't a lie!"  I truly never thought that I would find someone that makes me feel the way he does.  I had pretty much decided after my divorce from my daughter's father, that true love was more fairytale and less reality.  I was wrong.  I know that relationships are full of compromise, but after 2 and 1/2 years I have yet to find anything that I have had to compromise on ... well, if you don't count the whole sharing him with the Navy thing.  But I don't really consider that a problem either.  The same reasons that I love and respect him so much are some of the same reasons that he finds himself continuing to serve.

Thank you eHarmony!!!  Not only have you helped me find the man of my dreams, you have helped me find a good male role-model for my daughter.  She can see exactly what a healthy loving relationship is, even if she does say “eewww” every time she sees us kiss. 

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