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Pamela and Jim

Location: Cape Coral, FL
Engaged: January 16th, 2009

I had both been on another dating site and I had almost given up on finding the "one."  I was sharing stories with a dear friend and he thought that eHarmony was the perfect choice for me considering the matching process.  I agreed to give it a try.  I completed the process and received my matches and he was one of the first one. 

I recognized him immediately because he had actually been on the other site that I was on and tried to contact me, but, with being so exhausted with the men that were on that site, I disregarded his attempts at contacting me.  I decided to start communication and we continued right up until the end and thought that this was just too good to be true and stopped communicating.  Boy oh boy, was I wrong!!!  Anyway, he sent me his information (which I stored just in case) and left it open to reach out at any time.  I checked in on him every now and then and, when I was ready to take the plunge, he started dating someone.  I thought, "I guess it wasn't meant to be!!"  Yeah right!!   I received an email from him shortly after asking me to meet him for coffee or lunch or a chat on the phone.  It was kinda like, "Enough is enough, we have to meet!" 

We started talking on the phone the next day and I felt like I knew him forever.  We connected immediately and spoke everyday for 4 days and met on the fifth day for dinner.  I pulled into the parking lot and didn't see him but I knew he was there.  I parked, stepped out of my car, looked up, and there he was with a rose.  Without a moment’s hesitation, he gave me a hug and my knees actually buckled.  I knew that he was the one.  Our love story started that night and hasn't stopped since. He is what I thought I would never find.  So thank you for bringing us together!  

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