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Amy and Jeff

Location: Washington, MO
Engaged: December 19th, 2008

I was completely against online dating. Some of my friends had done it but I was not going to be desperate. My dad, who does not even know how to turn on a computer, talked to me about eHarmony because he had seen the commercial. I told him he was crazy. He brought up that “it’s like fishing in a rain barrel full of fish instead of the ocean”. This convinced me to give it a try, or I was so stunned that my dad was talking about something with a computer it must be a sign. I signed up for three months and Jeff was one of the first of my matches.

We went through the steps and made it to emailing each other through eHarmony. He was the first to email and I did not reply because I did not like that he only had one picture online and it only showed half of his face. He was leaning down shooting pool. So I went through some others and as I came up on the end of my subscription I was so frustrated that I deleted everyone except Jeff. I thought, well he does not look half bad and he lives fairly close to me so why not tell him my thoughts. The worst thing he can do is not email back. So I sent him an email asking why he does not have a better picture. Note that I had not replied to his first email nearly two months prior. He wrote back! He explained that he did not have a camera and that was the only picture he could find to post. He also said that if we meet and I think he is hideous I could walk out. Needless to say we met and he was not hideous. We dated for 11 months and became engaged December 19. That was funny because he proposed to me with a picture of the ring, which was actually the receipt off the computer. He was in my office with the door shut and would not let me in. He came out and brought me over to the Christmas tree, got down on one knee and pulled out the paper!

eHarmony made a great match. We are very similar yet different enough to be individuals. He is a laid back computer geek who works in IT and I am country girl that became a nurse. By these labels, he is not who I would have picked for myself. It is amazing what you can find if you give it a chance.  We love animals especially dogs. We bring out the best in each other. I recently returned to school to get my master’s in nursing and this influenced Jeff to return to school after 8 years to finish his degree. He has changed me. He has taught me to admit when I am wrong-although I will not elaborate on that because it does not happen often-haha. We are both a little stubborn but also can talk out a problem or issue. We do not yell which is something neither of us can stand.  He is everything and more that I wanted and I never thought I would find my one on the internet.  eHarmony did a great job when we were matched.

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