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Daniel and Laurie

Location: Wheaton, IL
Engaged: January 11th, 2009

Laura and I are busy people.  She has an MA in education and is busy working in an underserved community in a charter school on Chicago's south side.  I'm mostly done with an MA in Intercultural Studies at Wheaton, far out in the suburbs of Chicago where I work with the family architectural studio and construction firm.  We never would have met would life had simply been as usual.  But in our search for someone to share life with together we ended up on eHarmony.

We were matched on eHarmony in the fall of 2007.  Laura and I enjoyed speaking together, but I ended up dating another girl for a few months.  After that fell apart I decided to suck it up and see if Laura would give me a chance again.  She agreed and we met April 19, 2008 for our first date along Michigan Avenue downtown Chicago taking a stroll through a student art show at the Art Institute, a walk through Millennium Park, the Chicago Cultural Center and a long chat over tea. 

January 11, 2009 I proposed to Laura where we had our first date, particularly in the Chicago Cultural Center.  Laura had always dreamed of getting married there and thought of that while we were on our first date (I later learned).  It was a brutally cold day in Chicago, but we were on top of the world, skipping down the sidewalk hand in hand.

It’s amazing to have experienced the process of personal discovery through eHarmony.  As a guy I was challenged to think through issues I normally can gloss over or dismiss and I feel far more prepared to love Laura as a result.  Further, we were matched even with regards to our "love languages", and are learning to express those to each other in meaningful ways, setting the groundwork for a healthy marriage and joyful life together.  And eHarmony introduced me to the one I love.  Thanks!


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