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Michael and Shannon

Location: Mesa, AZ
Engaged: December 23rd, 2008

After my last relationship ended, I reflected on things and realized that I got involved in relationships too quickly and got involved with women, expecting them to change down the road.

I am in professional school and don't have time to "date" so I decided to let science do some of the work and try eHarmony. This time, instead of settling, I waited for the perfect girl for me to come along. My patience paid off when I was matched with Shannon.

I had set my search parameters to be within 30 miles and strangely Shannon from Tucson showed up (much further than 30 miles from Phoenix)! She, in the meantime, had gotten rid of everyone except me over the age of 32 and everyone who had answered "maybe" or "no" to wanting kids (I fell into both of those categories but she decided to keep me).

I proposed to Shannon in England over the Christmas break and we are making plans to get married this summer. I never believed that I could find someone like Shannon or that I could have a relationship like we have. I have told a lot of people about eHarmony including my mother and they too have had great success!


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