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Kristen and Matthew

Location: Chicago, IL
Engaged: November 14th, 2008

I just wanted to thank you for making all my dreams come true and for connecting me with the perfect match.  Matthew Perry and I connected through eHarmony in October of 2007.  We started emailing outside of eHarmony November 14,2007 and a year from that date he proposed to me. 


eHarmony taught me to focus on the key characteristics/traits that were and are most important to me when finding my a partner for life.  Having to narrow down those choices to my top 10 characteristics/traits truly helped me to learn more about myself and allowed me to successfully meet Matthew. The 2 hour assessment really filters out the applicants that are dedicated to finding their soul mate versus those that are serial daters "looking to hook up".  The sequential steps are an amazing way of giving eHarmony members a way of getting to know a person and identifying red flags prior to investing months of time.  The questions are questions you always want to ask on a first date but never seem to remember to ask or have the courage to ask.  The service is very safe and I cannot thank you enough for your services.

On November 14, 2008 Matthew had asked me to attend one of his work party's.  This happens regularly so I really thought nothing of it.  He said, it was formal; we would go to the James Hotel for drinks and then out to dinner.  As we neared the hotel Matthew mentioned it was his boss’s birthday and they had a suite.  When we entered the room there were rose petals throughout the entire room and flickering candles as well as a huge bouquet of flowers.  I asked where his boss was and he said, he would call to find out.  He turned around with his cell phone to his ear but then closed the phone, turned around and got down on one knee.  Champagne was chilling we had a drink but the surprises were far from over. He explained that we were going to dinner at the restaurant he asked my mother for permission to marry me. The Chef had a window seat with candles and champagne chilling for us.  He also had arranged a 7 course meal tailed just for us that was not available on the menu.  Matthew then lead me to the backroom and approximately 30 of our closest friends and our parents screamed surprise.   I was blown away.  Every second I turned my head I was just shocked to see another familiar face that had arrived to support us on such an important day.  The next morning he had a massage scheduled for me at the spa in the hotel.  We celebrated again with more friends that next evening.  My mom had a party on Sunday and invited approximately 50 people, all of my family and his too.  It was the most extraordinary weekend of my entire life.  Matthew had been planning this for months, the thought and time invested in our engagement just goes to show what a truly lucky woman I am.  I could not be more excited to share the rest of our lives together and I cannot wait to see what wonderful things life has in store for us.  Thank you so much!!!   

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