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Donald and Robin
We had an immediate connection, after our initial date we were inseparable. Our connection grew stronger every day. In a short time we knew we were forever loves... Thank you eHarmony for having an innovative way to find a compatible life mate.
  • From: Tucson, AZ
  • |
  • Married: May 2nd, 2009

David and Sharon
How is it possible to feel so excited when you are with someone, yet, at the same time, so comfortable? That is how I felt the first time I met David, and those two seemingly opposite feelings still exist every time I am with him. I was, and still am, so impressed with his careful attention to detail, his gentle soft-spoken manner, his intelligence, his humility, his delightful sense of humor, his honesty, his sweet nature and, of course, his gorgeous white hair.
  • From: Stroudsburg, PA
  • |
  • Married: July 22nd, 2006

Carol and Forest
Forest wants to communicate to you that he is the happiest man on the earth! In turn, I too am the happiest woman on the earth. Thank you so much for facilitating our coming together. We feel that without you and your service, it would never have taken place.
  • From: Hermiston, OR
  • |
  • Married: October 24th, 2008

Wanda and LaVern
Where does a 72 year old farm woman go to find someone they would like to spend the rest of their life with?
  • From: Grant, NE
  • |
  • Married: January 25th, 2005

Linda and Mark
It's hard to meet someone when you're in your 50s. My friends and family were always saying why aren't you dating anyone? But, of course, they never knew anyone who was available. Mark and I were living about 10 miles from one another, but we would never have met without eHarmony. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
  • From: Midlothian, VA
  • |
  • Married: June 25th, 2008

Tim and Kathy
We “clicked” immediately. We emailed, talked on the phone and eventually met face to face. We were amazed at how well eHarmony matched us – we had so much in common. We felt like we knew each other before we even met!
  • From: Derry, NH
  • |
  • Married: June 27th, 2009

Wayne and Charlotte
Our relationship has flourished in large part because we have so many common interests and values. These include travel, golf, reading, music, religion. We disagree on politics which makes for interesting conversations.
  • From: Apple River, IL
  • |
  • Married: August 29th, 2009

Rodney and Judy
Over a period of time it becomes tempting to settle for someone who comes close and has the potential to be who you are longing for. The person meeting your exact needs is out there and can be found if you have the patience to contact all your matches and not settle for less than what you want. eHarmony matched us perfectly.
  • From: Dalhart, TX
  • |
  • Married: September 6th, 2008

Gordon and Cynthia
Cindy and I had our first conversation from eHarmony in June 2006. We had our first date in July 2006. We dated for two and half years before I popped the question on Christmas Eve 2008. We were married on the beach at Key West on Feb 22, 2009. Thanks eHarmony.
  • From: DeKalb, IL
  • |
  • Married: February 22nd, 2009

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