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Mary and Bruce
Now, thanks to eHarmony, we have found each other!! I didn't know if I'd ever love again. Look at me now, I've fallen in love again!!! Thank you, eHarmony!!!
  • From: Grand Rapids, MI
  • |
  • Married: February 17th, 2007

David and Judy
Judy and I were married Saturday, August 18, 2007 in Warren, PA. I am so very happy to have such a special person enter my life. She is my best friend, companion and love of my life! Thanks, eHarmony for bringing us together!
  • From: Warren, PA
  • |
  • Married: August 18th, 2007

Laurine and Michael
Michael and I want to say thank you for bringing us together. In truth I never would have met Michael on my own or he me. I lived in Lynn, MA and he resided in Dover, NH, about 50 or so miles separated us, but it might as well been a continent. So we both want to thank you Dr. Warren for your commitment to matching personalities and fulfilling the hearts desires of Michael and me.
  • From: Dover, NH
  • |
  • Married: January 12th, 2008

Barbara and Rod
We have been spending nearly every weekend together since we met. Rod asked me to marry him in July. Although it was done in a way that was unexpected, I think we both knew very soon after we met that we would be spending our lives together.
  • From: Rockton, IL
  • |
  • Married: October 16th, 2008

Paula and Bobby
he planned a wonderful three day trip to South Padre Island and he proposed to me on the beach. Of course, I said, Yes!! We were married on Saturday on October 7, 2006 in Austin TX in my dad's backyard. It was a beautiful perfect day; I walked out to our song At Last.
  • From: Laguna Park, TX
  • |
  • Married: October 7th, 2006

Loretta and Raymond
We are so perfect for each other. We share the same values, vision and goals. We like the same kinds of clothing, foods, books, entertainment and activities. Although there aren't many, we celebrate each other's differences. We were married on Valentine's Day.
  • From: Brooklyn Park, MN
  • |
  • Married: February 14th, 2008

Lorraine and Dan
Dan is 60 and I am 55, and I have to tell you that I never believed at this point in our lives that we ever would have found so much happiness... When we met, we both said that we did not want to find someone that we could live with, we wanted someone that we could not live without. We have found that in each other. Thank you so much.
  • From: Lynden, WA
  • |
  • Married: December 27th, 2008

Diane and Lyle
I have waited a long time to find the right person who shared a lot of similar interests and ways of living life. I am 55 and this will be my first marriage and one to last a lifetime.
  • From: San Ramon, CA
  • |
  • Married: September 26th, 2006

Joann and Carl
He read my profile but in order to view my photo he had to re-open his account. Carl and I think that that was the best twenty dollars he's spent. We are so glad that we didn't give up on eHarmony. We have found our soul mate and true love.
  • From: Clinton Twp, MI
  • |
  • Married: May 2nd, 2009

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