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Pamela and William

Location: Mesa, AZ
Married: November 11th, 2007

I (Pam) had been using eHarmony for nearly a year and a half and was ready to let it drop when I was matched with Bill in November of 2006. We quickly moved through the steps and into open communication.  Bill has a talent for the written word and in a very short time I knew I had to meet him; however that didn't take place until 2 weeks into 2007.  A really interesting thing is, every time he saw your ads on TV he was really skeptical but for some reason joined anyway.  Once we'd met I couldn't believe how well we clicked.  It will soon be 2 years since we were matched and we keep finding more and more ways we're alike, especially on the deeper issues of life. WOW!!  We're happier than we ever thought possible.  We truly have found our "soul mate" in each other. 

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