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Jim and Joyce

Eugene, OR

When she sent me the first set of questions I didn't answer them. Instead I wrote her a message under the optional answer space and asked her to not close me out. I thought for sure that she would. About 6 weeks later, I decided to contact her, but I was sure that she had closed me out by then. She hadn't!!! She came so close, but fortunately, she didn't.

We had our first meeting on Feb. 13, 2008 and talked non-stop for three and a half hours. When we went out to our cars we discovered that we both had received $15 tickets for parking too long in a 2 hour parking zone. We laughed about it because we both knew that we had met someone really special. Two weeks later I wrote her a note which described my feelings and my hopes. I put this note away for her to read if she someday agreed to marry me. On Sept. 13th I took her to a beautiful winery up on a hill with a wonderful view and got down on my knee on the outdoor patio in front of the other guests and asked Joyce to marry me. She said she would!!!! I gave her an engagement ring and had her read my letter. What an incredible night. THANK YOU EHARMONY!! 

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