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Randi and Art

Location: Des Plaines, IL
Married: November 29th, 2009

I waited a long time for Mr. Right and he almost didn’t date me because I had never been married before. But we both took a chance and the compatibility has been amazing. In our age group on-line dating is still not the norm but eHarmony seemed like a really credible site and the process you use really helped us focus on the essential issues; values and faith.

I had been about to give up but you ran a special deal and I gave it one last shot. It was on Valentine’s Day that I received my first communication from Art. At our first meeting he brought yellow roses (the color of courtship) and I was hooked! 6 months later he not only proposed but gave me a special pearl necklace, comparing me to Matthew 13:45-46 ‘finding the pearl of great price.’ Art continues to amaze me with his generosity of spirit and wonderful humor. I am truly blessed.  Thank you!

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