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Darryl and Carol

Location: Spring, TX
Married: August 9th, 2008

eHarmony you are good; you are very, very good.  We tell everyone that.  Not only did you match two very compatible people (a pre-wedding counseling survey declared us off-the-charts "highly vitalized"), but you also matched two people with the same last name and rhyming first names.  We joke that we had to pay extra for that level of matching.  We met through eHarmony in October 2006.  Within months other people were even noting that we completed each other's sentences.  We were married in August 2008. 

Some of the similarities were eerie, everything from being math majors in college some 40 years ago to the same model cars purchased within 6 months of each other, and even to similar china purchased over 35 years ago.  Our first day-long date was attending the Dickens on the Strand festival in Galveston.  When we went back in 2008 to celebrate with a devastated Galveston, we wore some of our wedding clothing from our August Victorian wedding.  We have attached a wedding photo.

Carol came to Houston from Montana in 2000; Darryl came a few years later from the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC.  We were each divorced with two grown children.  But for eHarmony, the distance between us in the fourth largest city in the country might have still been as great as between Montana and Maryland even though we now lived within 7 miles of each other, worked within 9 miles of each other, and went to church within 4 miles of each other.  How the meeting happened is even more of a miracle, when you consider that Darryl's son joked in his wedding toast about Darryl's computer incompetence, wondering how he ever managed to meet anyone online, let alone someone he would marry.

Thank you, Dr. Neil Clark Warren and eHarmony, for bringing us together.  We have taken it from there.


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