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Kenneth and Andrea

Location: Sorrento, FL
Married: June 30th, 2007

As a high school teacher the only women in my life were either under 18 or over 50, so I decided I REALLY needed some help. When I first read Andrea’s profile I was smitten. The days following the initial match were a whirlwind of communication as we anxiously returned home from our holiday outings to see if the other had communicated. We exchanged phone numbers and talked for what seemed like hours on the phone neither wanting to initiate the end. Now I should point out that up to this point BOTH of us had been using eHarmony for TWO YEARS and therefore were used to the initial meeting with an occasional match. As was my custom, I assumed I would talk to Andrea for two hours and then go home to reflect. Two hours turned into FOUR hours and if she had not had to go to a meeting we would have closed down the place. It was then, right there, that I knew I had found my future wife. Little did I know that Andrea had had the same feelings. Our first official date was spectacular. We went out to a nice dinner and had wonderful conversation. I didn’t tell her what the plans were and thus Andrea was anxious to see how the night would proceed. I decided that the theme for the night was “old school” and that meant that we were going to do activities that we probably did when we were teenagers. After dinner we played putt-putt golf and when out for desert at Ghirardelli Square, a replication of the famous chocolate factory in San Francisco. I could tell by the look on Andrea’s face that she was having a fantastic time. As for me, I am sure the smile on my face was evidence enough.  There are too many coincidences to mention. If anything, these were confirmations that we were meant to be together. Throughout this relationship I have grown to love her friends and my friends love her as well. We are a match made in heaven.

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