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Josh and Angelica

Location: Henderson, NV; Mexico
Married: December 17th, 2011

Josh's Story:
I waited a long time to find someone who was truly beautiful inside and out. I don't have a lot of history or experience dating. I was very attracted to Angelica's heart for other people and her willingness to put it all on the line. These are qualities that I had almost given up on looking for in a woman. She tells me that I caught her attention just before she was about to close her eHarmony account. I'm sure glad she gave us a chance.  

Now our relationship gets better every day. The more we invest in our relationship the better it gets.  I knew that I wanted to marry her after she came to visited me, and we spent a week together.  I flew down to see Angelica in late June.  On September 15th, I proposed, and I am so glad she said yes. We were married this December 17th.

Angelica's Story:
I started using harmony because a friend convinced me. She found her love on eHarmony and recently got married.

Because I was in Mexico I was ready to give up and close my harmony account. I am glad that before I did this, I decided to talk with Josh. 

Everything started to work out easily. We decided not to start a relationship before we meet in person. He flew to Mexico a few months later to say the magical words…Do you want to be my girlfriend? After that our relationship continued to grow.

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