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Nearly Gave Up

Doug and Deborah

Location: Lake Zurich, IL
Married: July 22nd, 2006

Had I not renewed eHarmony for another term, I would have not met Debby.

My first three months were up and I was hemming and hawing over renewing my membership, not because I was unsatisfied with the service, I was just concerned about the financial investment.  During the short time I was off which may have been a week or so, I would check in to see what new matches I had and finally one day I noticed Debby had written me first (March 16, 2005) I don't believe I could see her picture in the off time, but I really liked her profile as it really had some very common items, more so than other matches I had. So, within a day or two, I renewed and was very happy to begin communicating with Debby.

As I went through the process, I really enjoyed Debby's answers and comments which made me look forward to the open exchanges where we could communicate. After some email exchanges we took the next step to phone conversations before finally meeting in person for the first time on April 22, 2005. What really attracted me to Debby (as I learned in our communication and subsequent phone conversations) was our compatibility, her laugh, her passion for her beliefs, how straight forward she was in that she was not playing games, plus so much more.

Our first date was somewhat spontaneous as we had been playing phone tag and finally connected on a Friday night.  We got together about a week after that for another enjoyable longer date and the rest is history. My excitement with eHarmony and my relationship with Debby is our compatibility which transforms our relationship into being really easy. We are clones of one another with strengths and weaknesses that compliment each other. I have never had more fun in a relationship than I have with Debby.

We have done so many different things together over the last 9 months and every day is even more exciting. I had tried, but was very unsatisfied as it seemed like you were shopping for someone rather than "matching". What caught my interest for eHarmony was the fact you did the matching based on a personality profile test. You can't go to a bar or ask someone you met through friends or work to take a compatibility test of any kind. So one day at work, I decided to sign up. I know Debby's Mom had been encouraging her to sign up and thankfully she did as our paths would have never crossed and I would have missed out on meeting the perfect woman.

I suppose what is exciting for both of us is that being in our late 30's we each met the perfect person. We chose not to settle for less in previous relationships and decided to wait until the time in life was right with the right person to get married for the first time and start a life together that one day may grow into a family beyond the two of us. I'm sure you have many happy stories from people and I could go on and on about all the excitement and back story, but thanks for letting me share our story with you and thanks for providing this service. I have recommended it to people and Debby has too. As time rolls on as we tell people our story, I'm sure more people will be signing up with your thanks again!

Doug & Debby

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