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Nearly Gave Up

Cynthia and Erik

Location: Chicago, IL
Married: October 10th, 2008

I told all my friends I was done, that I didn't want to do it anymore even though I had a date scheduled the next day. They talked me into it, but I still came close to canceling after a bad day at work. Erik lives in Chicago and I lived in Schaumburg. I swore I wouldn't date anyone who lived in the city because I hated driving there. It was hard to find people who lived in the suburbs, so, since our profiles had a lot in common, he was cute, and our emails and calls were going well, I decided to break my non-Chicago rule. This was September 2005.

We met near me, and he later told me that he got completely lost and almost didn’t make it. He had to stop a bicyclist and ask him how to get to our meeting venue.

I ordered myself a drink and he eventually showed up. We had great conversation and he asked to see me again. We had quite a few dates in the suburbs, but then he wanted me to reciprocate, so I started going into the city, which I realized was something I always wanted to do more.

It was hard, living an hour away from each other, but we did it and kept dating for two years. He proposed 2 years after our first date, in September 2007. It was at our favorite french restaurant in Chicago and the waitstaff was in tears.

We owe you for introducing us and bringing us together. We would love you to use us as a success story, especially since without you, neither of us were having any luck! 

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