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Nearly Gave Up

Susan and Tony

Location: Lake Worth, FL
Married: June 15th, 2007

We were both hesitant of online dating services, but gave eHarmony a try, as neither of us were into the bar scene.  I decided to remain with eHarmony a while longer, even though there was not a lot of success in my first 6 months.  I’m so happy I did, as I was matched with Susan in the beginning of December 2006. 

After contemplating for over a week, Susan became a member and responded to my first set of questions.  From that point on, both of us felt there may be something special between us.  We both eagerly awaited responses from the other on each set of questions.  Every step further in the process seemed to bring us closer and closer together.  It was the highlight of our day to see an anticipated email from each other.  We have never, ever felt the connection with another person that we experienced with each other. 

After being on open communication for a short period of time, we had our first phone conversation.  I thought it would be a 10-15 minute conversation at the longest, but it turned out to be almost an hour and a half before it ended.  It was just so comfortable for both of us.  We both fell in love almost immediately, first through e-mails, then by phone, and then meeting person to person.  Since the first day meeting, we have been together every day, except one.  Not typical, but we both just wanted to be together.  We spent many of nights with little sleep, as we would talk for hours. 

Most of our goals and life’s outlooks were the same.  It seemed to be way better than any dream I could ever have!  I proposed to Susan during a romantic dinner, for which she whole-heartedly accepted!  We were married June 15, 2007 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Thanks to eHarmony and their system of matching us together, we feel like busting every minute with the love we feel for each other.  Neither of us could have ever dreamed of a better match.  We thank eHarmony so much!

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