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Nearly Gave Up

Jodi and J

Los Angeles, CA


He hooked me by answering my 3 questions I wrote and I still remember what grabbed me the most- I had asked him how he felt about interracial dating- (I am black and he is white) And he said he was not intimidated by it. I thought this guy is secure with himself.  But my fiancé was open to seeing me as a person not a race. I once read that black women over 40 have better chance of being struck by lightning than getting married. Well I am so grateful to EH that I won't have to wait for that lightning bolt!

Anyway- We went out on one date back in Sept of 2010 and have been together ever since. Never a day has gone by without talking, texting, or seeing each other. (And we live 300 miles apart) So I would not have found him if not for eHarmony.

He truly is the best man I have ever met.  Funny, charming, silly, smart, sexy and has the dreamiest eyes you have ever seen. But most of all he is genuine and kind and is a WONDERFUL father to his kids!  This is the happiest I have ever been in my life!

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