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Multiple Success in Family

Tim and Brenda

Location: Maple Grove, MN
Married: December 27th, 2002

Who has a better story than two sisters who both got married to eHarmony matches? Answer: A father who married off two daughters in two years through eHarmony!

Brenda joined on a dare. Tim joined out of desperation. (Just kidding.) Brenda and Tim met over a year later. They lived only a couple of miles from each other meaning they could have met by accident at the grocery store...but they didn't. eHarmony connected them. They had mutual friends, ran in similar circles, and yet would not have met except via eHarmony.

Brenda's sister Naomi moved in with the couple temporarily after graduating from college. She was constantly expressing that it was impossible to meet any good guys. Tim and Brenda paid for her eHarmony membership to get some peace and encourage her to know that there were good men in the world who she would click with. It worked. She met someone in 2 months...and got married in a year.

Now Tim and Brenda have an eHarmony baby...a girl who is here in this world because of a computer and two people it matched. At first, Brenda was slightly embarrassed to tell people how she met Tim, but today she is so grateful to eHarmony because not only did she meet the love of her life - but in addition she became a mother and has had many dreams come true because of the man eHarmony brought into her life

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