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Multiple Success in Family

Laura and Stephen

Location: Burke, VA
Married: October 8th, 2005

Steve's profile was sent to me in the eHarmony introductory email. His listed occupation was "rocket scientist." Curiosity alone drove me to communicate with him. We went through all the communication steps and just seemed to click on every level. eHarmony is fabulous in comparison with other sites. I tried and felt like I was trying to hit a bulls eye blindfolded. I went out on many first dates, but rarely a second one. My dates and I had little in common, which became painfully obvious in a short period of time. eHarmony's matching process took care of that problem. I went out with 4 very nice men with whom I had good conversation and felt comfortable with. There weren't any dates from hell and I never wondered "why in the world was I matched with HIM?" After three dates with Steve, I knew he was someone special and that I wanted to explore an exclusive dating relationship with him. I've never regretted the decision!

We're so happy that my sister Diana tried the site and she's now married to John, one of her matches. I have one single sister left and she joined eHarmony at the beginning of the year hoping that the site will go 3 for 3 with our family. We're all hoping for the best

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