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John and Kathy

Location: Wilmington, MA
Married: October 12th, 2003

When I first met Kathy on eHarmony, I was interested in her. I can't really say what first interested me, but there was something. Very shortly, we had exchanged email addresses and instant message addresses. Over the next couple of weeks, I looked forward to racing home every day so that I could talk to her through IM. One day, probably 2 weeks into communicating like this, we were discussing dreams and where we wanted to be in our lives. I told her about this dream house that I always wanted to build, and, instead of the "that's nice" type of response that I usually got from other people, she actually sounded like she wanted to live there. I think that I fell in love with her in that moment, before we even met face to face.

A couple weeks later, we had our first date. You know how most people are when they go on a first date; they are kind of nervous and putting a "face" on. Well, we were both doing that at the beginning of the date. Kathy picked up on that, and the rest of the date was not going well. Towards the end of the meal, I debated giving her a present. I already knew that she loved Tigger, so I had bought her a Tigger keychain and put it in a small Godiva chocolate box to give to her. I finally decided to just give the present to her. As soon as she opened up the box and saw the keychain, the woman I met on eHarmony returned. The rest of the date was fantastic. Within 2 days, we had given up dating anyone else. eHarmony was wonderful in weeding out the women who I really did not want to bother with and just leaving the women who were interested in a serious relationship and in building the kind of life that I would want to be a part of.

After Kathy and I were dating, I couldn’t stop telling people about eHarmony.  Eventually, we convinced Kathy’s sister Eileen to try it as well.  She can tell you her own story, but the bottom line is that she was married last June to a man she met on eHarmony, and they are very happy together.

As a side note, less than two years after Kathy and I were married, we bought that dream house that we had both talked about during our first conversations.  We are happily living in it now and rarely go a week without saying “I love our house” at least once.

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