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eHarmony Success Stories

Multiple Success in Family

Julie and Justin

Minneapolis, MN

As a little sister, I was always copying what my big sister was doing.  I suppose a bit of that has stuck with me through life because, after she met somebody special using your program, I decided to give it a shot as well. 

After arriving at our initial date that almost didn't happen (I was nervous and drove right past the cute little wine bar that Justin and I had agreed to meet at), I learned what a spectacular person Justin was and have continued learning more ever since.   I am SO happy that I turned around the car that day as I'm the happiest I've ever been.

Just before Christmas this year, Justin proposed to me while we were having our own special Christmas celebration.  Just last week, my sister has also announced that she is engaged to a wonderful guy she met on eHarmony.  We are both walking on clouds. 

Justin and I remind each other daily of how perfect we are for each other and are so excited for our future.  I am ecstatic for my sister as well.  This has been a great experience for both of us (or all four of us!). 

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