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Long Distance

Phong and Briana
Despite the distance and time zone differences, we decided to become a couple. We would fly across the country to see each other every 3 months or so... After enduring a bi-coastal relationship, we feel confident in tackling the time constraints of my surgical residency. We are now planning our wedding for March 22, 2009!
  • From: Shrewsbury, MA
  • |
  • Married: March 22nd, 2009

Tony and Abrena
After he went back to TX, we continued to talk on the phone 2 and 3 times per day every day. We continued to share our lives, feelings, needs, dreams. It continued to be wonderful... We feel really blessed to have met. Life is great!
  • From: Columbia, SC
  • |
  • Engaged: May 15th, 2009

Tanis and David
We had lived less than 100 miles apart for 2 years... I had driven through the town David lived in at least a dozen times and we would have never met if it hadn't been for eHarmony.
  • From: Granite Shoals, TX
  • |
  • Married: June 9th, 2007

Randy and Deanna
We had a long distance relationship for one year (5 hours away from each other) and it has been challenging but well worth it... Thank You for presenting the opportunity I needed to experience life more completely.
  • From: Carlsbad, NM
  • |
  • Married: June 27th, 2009

Candice and Jimmy
A coast-to-coast whirlwind romance ensued over the following months, and we quickly discovered that long distance relationships are not for the faint hearted. They are expensive and require a lot of sacrifice, understanding, and most of all patience...
  • From: Columbia, SC, Los Angeles, CA
  • |
  • Married: May 15th, 2010

Sue and Jack
Jack lived in Sarasota and I lived in Davenport, which is a little far but when I first saw his profile and his incredible blue eyes, I knew I would drive 200 miles to meet this man.
  • From: Davenport, FL
  • |
  • Married: December 10th, 2005

Renetta and Clive
We met each other's family and knew we could not be apart. He is relocating to Denver before the end of the year. Our cross country relationship has been very rewarding to both of us.
  • From: Denver, CO
  • |
  • Married: August 30th, 2008

Kendra and Joshua
I realized I was moving to Tulsa, where he lives, one day when I was shopping for apartments and signing a 6 month lease seemed too long because I didn't want to be away from him. So I moved to Tulsa, and we were married less than 6 months later.
  • From: Tulsa, OK
  • |
  • Married: June 14th, 2008

Binh and Sarah
Neither of us had ever done internet dating before. I was a medical student in Washington, DC and she was a graduate student at the University of Maryland. She was a small town All-American girl from rural Michigan and I was a big city Vietnamese-American from southern California. But the similarities in morals, values, hobbies, and personalities we shared were amazing. eHarmony had done a great job in connecting us.
  • From: Harrisburg, PA
  • |
  • Married: May 5th, 2007

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