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Abbe and Bill

Location: Westfield, NJ
Matched: November 6th, 2007

I went onto eHarmony after a divorce and then following a 2 year relationship that also ended.  I emailed Bill for mostly shallow reasons - he looked cute, athletic and fun.  I own a small business, was going to school, and raising 2 daughters so I didn't really have time to date.  He responded to me for non-shallow reasons - I was a good match in regard to our compatibility profiles (he also thought I was pretty). 

It took me a month to agree to go out with him and I almost let it go due to living in different states (me in NJ and he in PA).  However, I kept dating men who were simply not compatible with my personality and I thought I would try an eHarmony date...  and finally met Bill. 

We both love to kayak and hike.  We both are in good shape and care about being a good parent to our respective children.  We both work hard at our careers and on ourselves.  We are both loyal and affectionate. 

On the other hand, Bill is a simple meat and potatoes guy who prefers beer and pizza.  I am NOT a simple gal and I prefer sushi and wine.  I love musicals and theatre.  Bill loves riding his motorcycle.  He is more logical and practical, and I am more abstract and romantic.  But it works and works well.

Over the last year, we fell in love, and are now planning a life together.  We have gotten to know each other’s kids and have all bonded.

I have never been with someone like Bill before.  I never thought his personality would blend well with mine.  However, eHarmony knew what was best for me more than I knew what was best for me.  So thank you eHarmony.

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