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Toni and Elliott

Location: Anchorage, AK
Married: October 1st, 2008

I was new to eHarmony.  Elliott re-subscribed to eHarmony.  We were matched up.  I had previously closed out guys from Alaska, as that seemed too far away from Arizona.  However, Elliott seemed cute and fun, so I left his profile alone; my subscription was due to expire in about a week anyway.  Elliott surprised me by initiating communication right away.  In no time, we got to open communication.  I asked if he wanted to email via our personal emails since my subscription was about to expire.  He agreed and also offered his phone number.  I was afraid to call because I figured he probably had lots of interest from other girls.  One day I told him so in an email, and he responded jokingly that I had clearly never been to Seward, Alaska and encouraged me to pick up the phone and call.  I did.  We talked for 3 hours.  We talked for 3 or more hours every day after that, sometimes all night long.  I was completely amazed by him and how compatible we seemed.  Soon, I suggested we meet.  Elliott agreed.  I booked a flight to Anchorage, Alaska.  We were both nervous for the next 3 weeks, excited and scared about meeting in person.  We had both already fallen in love, and meeting in person would validate if that feeling were true. 

We joked about what to do upon meeting: a hug, a kiss?  We finally agreed to kiss, just to get it out of the way and eliminate that nervous anticipation.  I want the record to show that when I got off the plane, Elliott was too scared to kiss me, but I lived up to our bargain and kissed him!  Being together felt like going home.  We knew the relationship would progress quickly after that first visit.  Neither one of us had ever felt such comfort and ease within a relationship.  We got married in Hawaii on October 1, 2008, and we're both so excited about our future together.  I'm still in Arizona, hoping a job transfer works out.  I have an application in with my company, as my identical position in Alaska has become available.  Surely it will work out, but if not, Elliott and I will figure out a plan B.  We found each other! The hard part is over.  Together we'll figure the rest out.

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