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Megan and Chris

Location: Boston, MA
Married: September 11th, 2011

I was matched with Chris within one week of joining. At first when looking at Chris' profile, I was quite reluctant. He is a Captain in the Army JAG Corps and he was listed as living in Missouri.  I am from New England with no Military background and thought we wouldn't have that much in common. However, Chris didn't think that, and after three emails to me, I found out he is from New England as well.  After emailing for about two weeks, I gave him my phone number and told him I could talk for about 20 minutes that Friday. Well... that conversation lasted for five hours and I was smitten!

We continued to speak for another month before Chris made a trip to Boston to meet me for the first time. I know it might sound crazy, but as I waited at Logan to pick him up I was not concerned that the man that got off the plane was going to be any different than the one I had spoken to on the phone. He walked out to the car, and we will never forget that first hug. We both still tear up when we tell the story to others.

Within six months I moved to Missouri to be with him. I left everything, my family, a great job, friends, etc. because I knew his values were mine. I knew that he was home to me. I knew he was the one for me. On January 20, 2011 Chris proposed, and we were married in a very simple civil ceremony on March 12, 2011.

We had our vows blessed September 11th in my hometown of Portland, Maine in the church I grew up going to each Sunday. It was a wonderful feeling to know that not only had I found my soul mate, but that our vows had been blessed in a sanctuary so important to us.

We now live with our boxer named Jack and our cats Ginger and Cody. We hope to add children to the group soon, but not soon enough for our mothers!

With the Army life is unpredictable, but our love and values make things stable and life more beautiful everyday!  I cannot thank you all enough, eHarmony.  You changed the course of our lives for the better!

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