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Long Distance

Melissa and Bryant

Location: Union, KY
Married: May 30th, 2009

One of my friends who had just gotten married (to someone she met through eHarmony) and another friend who had been dating someone for awhile (she also met him on eHarmony and they got engaged last week!) convinced me to give eHarmony a try!  I had nothing to lose so I did and I have never regretted it!!!  I was living in Jeffersonville, Indiana and Bryant was living in Florence, Kentucky, which is approximately an hour and forty five minutes away.  We were matched on February 14, 2006.  I was intrigued by his name, because I grew up in a very small town named Bryant.  I had a very crazy and sporadic schedule as an athletic trainer at the high school and I am not a bar person.  It was very hard to get out and meet people especially with most of my friends having children.    We went through the eHarmony process rather quickly and we were communicating via telephone within a matter of days. Our first conversation was a few hours long, which is a very long time for anyone who knows Bryant!  We had a lot in common. We both grew up in very small, rural towns and we have a great love for The University of Kentucky Wildcats!  That was enough to get us started!

We had our first date on March 5, 2006 in Louisville. We met at a bowling alley and then off to dinner.  It was a great night and led to a long distance relationship for the next one and a half years. 

The last three years have been full of ups and downs.  Around the time we were matched on eHarmony, Bryant’s dad was diagnosed with cancer for the third time.  It was a very difficult time for Bryant and I was glad to be there for him.  I met his parents in May of 2006 and they had been told his dad did not have a long time left.  So they planned a family trip for us to Vegas because his dad said everyone needed to go there before they died.  With his family being over 4 hours away it was hard to see them on a regular basis, but we managed to see them as much as we could.  During this difficult time, it brought Bryant and I closer together.

After a year and a half of our long distance commute, I was lucky enough to find a great job in Cincinnati so I could make the move so we could be together.  Sadly, within a few weeks of my move, his dad passed away.   I was very fortunate to have met his dad, a great man who Bryant gets a lot of his great qualities from.  As one can imagine, that year was a very difficult one.  With the events of the year, we hadn’t put a lot of focus on “marriage”. Bryant and I knew we would get married some day, we just didn’t know when.  I had no idea Bryant was thinking of proposing any time soon and we didn’t really talk about it much. We both knew it would happen when the time was right.

Well on January 5, 2008, I got the surprise of my life!  It was my birthday and I thought it was just another day.  Bryant had gotten me a new camera as my gift so I didn’t expect much of anything.  We went to dinner at Cheddar’s (which is also where we went on our first date!) and when we got home, I ran upstairs to change into some comfy clothes so we could watch a movie.  When I came back down, he told me he had forgotten to give me one of my gifts and he ran upstairs.  When he came back downstairs, he had a gift bag and a card.  He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!  What an awesome surprise!  Of course I said yes! I also wanted to know why he let me change into my sweat pants!  He said he would love me no matter what!

Thank you eHarmony!  We would never have fallen in love if it weren’t for your service!!  We are truly grateful!

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